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Covid Shutdowns (updated regularly)

Many restaurants, theaters, bars etc are closing or offering limited services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to assemblea list of what is closed or offering limited services for people’s reference.
Please tell me if you see something that should be added to the list.
all restaurants/bars etc in Santa Fe are limited to 50% capacity with the White House suggesting people avoid gatherings of 10 or more nationwide.
LAST UPDATED: 8pm 3/18/2020
Key for symbols: 🔴: Closed completely 🟡: Partially open 🔵: Mostly open except for large events
Churches * 🔴 Archdiocese of Santa Fe (all Catholic Churches and Schools): closed until further notice * 🟡 The Church of the Holy Faith: All meetings cancelled, but worship services continue. * First Presbyterian Church: All services suspended until further notice. * 🟡 St. Bede's Episcopal Church: all special events, Sunday Schools, singing and book clubs and other non worship activities have been suspended until further notice. * 🔴 St. John's United Methodist Church: Sunday worship and Sunday School suspended through March 29th * 🔴 Unitarian Universalist Santa Fe: Closed for public gatherings through the end of March * 🔴 Upaya Zen Center: the March 18th Dharma will be live streamed on Upaya's youtube channel with no audience in the zendo. All other public events cancelled until further notice.
Concerts & Other Entertainment * 🟡 Alas de Agua Art Collective: Moving their workshops to an online format * 🔴 AMP Concerts: All events suspended through March, possibly longer * 🔴 Concerts @ The Kitchen Sink: all scheduled concerts are cancelled, some may be rescheduled. * 🔴 Georgia O'Keefe Museum & Ghost Ranch Abiquiu: Closed until further notice * 🔴 Gathering of Nations Powwow: Postponed until further notice * 🔴 Ghost. All shows until April cancelled, will attempt to reschedule if possible * 🟡 is working to see if events can be rescheduled, ticket holders and buyers should email [email protected] to check the status of events. * 🔴 IAIA Museum of Contemporary Arts: closed until at least April 6th with all public programming canceled. * 🔴 Monday Night Swing: cancelled until further notice * 🔴 Ohkay Owingeh Casino: Closed through April 1st * 🔴 Poeh Cultural Center: All current programming including the Pojoaque Farmer's Market, Butterfly Market and Native Artists Showcase are postponed. The Museum is closed until further notice. * 🟡 Pueblo of Pojoaque: All 3 Casinos (Buffalo Thunder, Cities of Gold and Jake's Casino) closed until March 30th. The three Pojoaque Casinos will remain open. * 🔴 Rockin' Rollers skating rink: Closed until April * 🔴 ** Santa Fe Art Institute: All upcoming large events have been canceled. * 🔴 **Santa Fe Children's Museum: closed until further notice * 🔴 Santa fe Improv: All classes suspended through March 28th * 🔴 Santa fe Pro Musica: all remaining concerts for the season have been canceled or postponed. * 🔴 SITE Santa Fe: closed until further notice * 🔴 Ski Santa Fe: Closed for the rest of the season. * 🔴 Teatro Paraguas: All events in March have been cancelled. * 🔴 Tesuque Casino: Closed until further notice * 🔴 The Wheelright Museum of the American Indian: All events postponed through April, new events will be posted online as they become available.
Government Services * 🔴 Senior meal services: Closed until further services, to arrange for meals through Meals on Wheels call 505-955-4700 * 🔴 Senior Centers: Closed until further notice * 🔴 Jails: All visitations are discontinued and inmates are being screened for all infectious disease. * 🔴 City-Sponsored Community events and camps: cancelled until further notice (including GCCC and Monica Royal center, City after school programs, easter egg hunt, all tournaments etc * 🔴 Community/Recreation Centers & City Libraries: closed through at least April 5th, All classes & activities cancelled. * 🔵 City Meetings: all meetings suspended through Apr 5th except for the Governing Body, Finance Committee, Public Works and Public Utilities meetings, which may be held via teleconferences. * 🔴 New Mexico RailRunner Express: all train services suspended through April 3rd. Rio Metro buses still operational. * 🔴 New Mexico State Parks: All parks closed through April 9th
Restaurants * 🟡 Backroad Pizza: Closed except for contact-free curbside pickup * 🟡 Chipotle: dining room is closed, still open for takeout/pickup/delivery * 🟡 Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeeshop: In store closed, accepting pickup orders * 🟡 Cowgirl Restauranc: Closed to dine in customers through April 6th, but working with Fetch and Dashing Delivery . concerts canceled through April 15th * 🔵 El Farol: Late Night live music cancelled, Flamenco Dinner Show and early evening performances still running * 🟡 Jambo Café: closed except for delivery via Dashing Delivery. Jambo Imports Closed until further notice. * 🟡 Kohnami: Closed except to contact free pickup * 🔴 La Reina at El Rey ** Bar is closed until further notice * 🔴 **Lamy Junction: Closed until the state of emergency is lifted** * 🔵 Mine Shaft Tavern: Live music cancelled until Apr 9th * 🔵 Second Street Brewery: All music cancelled through April at all locations * 🔴 Ten Thousand Waves & Izanami Restaurant: Closed through Apr 15th * 🔵 Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery: Concerts suspended until the Health Departments lifts the ban on mass gatherings * 🟡 Wayward Wednesdays @ Chili Line Brewery: Weekly comedy show and open mic canceled until further notice, takeout now available. * 🟡 McDonalds: Dining rooms closed, only pickup, takeout and delivery allowed. * 🔴 Museum Hill Café: Closed until April * 🔴 Plaza Café Southside: Closed until further notice
Stores & Other Businesses * 🟡 Candyman Strings & Things: The store interior will be closed to customers until further notice, but free delivery is available within and outside of Santa Fe as well as parking lot pickup. Video conferencing lessons will be offered to current students at no extra cost, as well as in-person lessons at the Candyman Music Education Center. * 🔴 REI: All stores closed nationwide through March 27th * 🔴 YogaSource: all classes, workshops and events are cancelled through the end of March, at which time the studio will reassess.
Other * 🟡 La Tierra Toastmasters: closed, but will still hold online meetings via Zoom * 🔴 Lensic Performing Arts Center: all events cancelled or postponed through April 9th. * 🔴 Meow Wolf: closed until april * 🔴 Jean Cocteau Cinema: Closed until further notice with events canceled until April 6th at the earliest * 🔴 Regal Cinemas closed until further notice * 🔴 Violet Crown: closed until further notice * 🔴 CCA and The Screen: closed until further notice * 🔴 NDI New Mexico: All performances canceled through April 4th * 🔴 New Mexico Dept of Cultural Affairs: All state museums and cultural institutions closed until further notice * 🔴 RENESAN Institute: All weekly lectures through Apr 2nd cancelled as well as all classes and tours through Apr 9th * 🟡 Santa Fe Botanical Gardens: Gardens remain open, but most special events have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.
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I wrote a new, updated, more comprehensive and neutral wiki for the sub, but I guess the mods didn't want it. Here's u/garethom's guide to Birmingham.

I sent this is in a message to the mods a little while back after seeing that the existing wiki was a little out of date, really centric to certain areas and tbh, not very neutral when it came to other areas. It's my no means the end of any recommendations, but considering we have a lot of questions about what to do/see/eat/drink and where to stay or live, I thought it might be helpful.
Anyway, I haven't got a response, and I'm not even sure if any of them are even still active here, so I thought I'd just drop it here and maybe somebody can get some use out of it anyway.
I'll clarify that outside of playing for one of the American football teams currently, and having previously played for another, I'm not affiliated with any organisation mentioned herein.

About Birmingham

Birmingham is the second city (don't listen to anything Manchester says!) of the United Kingdom. It is the largest and most populous city in the United Kingdom, as well as the centre of the second largest urban area after London, with a population somewhere between 1 and 1.3 million people.
Birmingham boomed from a non-descript market town to a juggernaut of a city during the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s/early 1800s, and is called "the first manufacturing town in the world". Although the steam engine is Birmingham's most famous invention, did you know, that amongst hundreds of other things, we're also responsible for the birth of the modern chemical industry, cotton spinning, the Baskerville typeface, building societies, powdered custard, the modern postal system, medical plaster, lawn tennis, plastic, medical use of x-rays, The Lord of the Rings, and the Football League? Well now you do!
Today, we don't manufacture so much, but we're still an important city on the global stage. We're now a centre for both the public and private service industry, and one of the most important centres of finance in the country.
We form the centre of a metropolitan area, spanning from Solihull in the south east, to Wolverhampton and the Black Country in the north west, and we make up an interesting group of people. We're a city of younger than average people, and are the UK's most ethnically diverse city, with large numbers of immigrants from Ireland, South Asia, the Caribbean and China. This make up has majorly shaped the city we live in today.
Whether you're visiting for a day or two, or you're a born and bred Brummie, Birmingham is still a city that can amaze you.
And yes... it's true. We do have more canals than Venice.

Big Name Attractions

  • BBC Birmingham: Visitors can book tours of their working building that take you behind the scenes of their television and radio productions. There is also a visitor centre that doesn't require booking.
  • Botanical Gardens: A 15 acre selection of gardens and greenhouses containing some of the world's rarest (and in some cases, entirely unique) plants. There are also a number of exotic birds.
  • Cadbury World: The world famous chocolate manufacturer was founded in Bournville. There are exhibits on the history of chocolate, the making of chocolate, the story of the Cadbury family, and if you hadn't guessed by now, a massive Cadbury shop.
  • LegoLand Discovery Centre: A newly-opened, kid centric day out based entirely on the world famous, colourful bricks.
  • Library of Birmingham: This striking building opened in 2013 is the largest public library in the United Kingdom, and the largest "public cultural space" in Europe and hosts a number of nationally and internationally significant collections.
  • National Sea Life Centre: Even with our extensive canal network, perhaps not the most appropriate location, but still... A giant aquarium with a range of sea and river life, from sharks, to penguins, to otters.
  • Sarehole Mill: A working water mill that has played a significant park in the history of both the industry and literature of Birmingham. Matthew Boulton, one of the fathers of the industrial revolution performed experiments there, and Lord of the Rings author, J. R. R. Tolkien lived just a stones throw from the mill. It is located in the Shire Country Park, named for its influence on the location of that name in the aforementioned books.
  • Thinktank: A family-oriented science experience with a focus on Birmingham's manufacturing and industrial history. You can see real WWII era aircraft, steam trains, and the world's oldest working steam engine. There's also a planetarium.

Smaller Attractions

  • Aston Hall: The "leading example of the Jacobean prodigy house" has a storied local history, from the Civil War-era onwards.
  • Back to Backs: The "city's last surviving court of back-to-back houses". Get a feel for life amongst the common folk of the city during the population boom of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Blakesley Hall: One of the oldest buildings in the city, and an archetypal example of Tudor architecture, originally owned by the famed Smalbroke family.
  • Coffin Works: A restored factory that historically manufactured brass fittings, and, you guessed it, coffins, including those of famed statesmen and members of the royal family.
  • Museum of the Jewellery Quarter: Step inside a "'time capsule' of a jewellery workshop" and learn about the 200+ year history of the Jewellery Quarter.
  • Pen Museum: The only museum dedicated to the pen trade in the UK, learn how Birmingham became the heart of the world pen industry.
  • Selly Manor: Originally the manor house of Bournbrook, it was acquired by the Cadbury family in the early 1900s and moved to be the heart of their model village, Bournville.
  • Soho House: A large house containing primarily a celebration of the life of famed industrialist Matthew Boulton and his peers in the Lunar Society.
  • Winterbourne House & Garden: A seven acre botanic garden of the University of Birmingham.

Food & Drink

Birmingham is a city quickly gaining a world-class reputation for food, with an exploding independent scene backed up by an enviable selection of fine dining options.
Fine Dining You may have heard that Birmingham has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any UK city outside of London, and that's (sort of, if you're including Solihull) true!
With five (strictly four) restaurants boasting a star, Birmingham has plenty for those desiring a fine dining experience.
Purnell's, ran by regular TV face Glyn Purnell, and Adam's are both located in the city centre. Simpsons is just a mile-and-a-bit outside the centre in leafy Edgbaston, and Carters of Moseley is just a little further out, in, well, Moseley. The most recently awarded star goes to Peel's, located in the Hampton Manor hotel in Hampton in Arden, a quick drive from Birmingham Airport.
But it's not all about those famous stars. There's also several restaurants that make the Michelin Guide. Asha's (Indian), Opus (European), The Wilderness (British/European), Lasan (Indian), Waters (European), The Boot Inn (European/Fusion), Opheem (Indian), Folium (British/European), and Harborne Kitchen (British/European) are all places you're almost guaranteed some good eating!
Street Food & Independents While the Michelin-club get all the plaudits, many prefer Birmingham's proud independent food scene for a cheaper, more relaxed meal.
The jewel in the crown is Digbeth Dining Club. The now three-day-a-week event sees an area in Digbeth in the centre of Birmingham closed off and populated by some of the countries finest streetfood vendors for a festival of food, drink and music. Many of the regulars have been crowned winners of something in the various country-wide streetfood competitions in recent years, and you'll get anything from Indian snacks, decadent waffles, slow cooked BBQ, and mouth-watering cheesecakes to award winning burgers. Additionally, in a very similar vein, is the much more recent Hawker Yard.
Looking for a burger? You're in luck. There's Original Patty Men (who are so renowned, Drake opted to miss out on the Brit Awards to eat their burgers) and The Meat Shack both located in the city centre that make some of the best burgers you'll ever taste, and have a great selection of beers to go with them.
Thanks to the city's impressive Chinatown, you're guaranteed some good authentic Chinese food. Our recommendation? Head to Peach Garden or Look In and order a selection of roasted meats (just look for the hanging ducks in the window, you won't miss them!)
Perhaps Birmingham's most world famous offering to the culinary world is the Balti. Named for the thin-pressed steel dish it's served in more than any particular method of cooking, the Balti is a garlic and onion heavy curry that is cooked over high heat, rather than simmering all day. If that sounds enticing to you, then I've got good news.
Birmingham is famed for the Balti Triangle, an area around Sparkbook, Sparkhill and Moseley that has an eye-wateringly high concentration of restaurants serving Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi food, almost all of which serving many variations of the eponymous dish. While the Balti may have spread across the entirety of the UK, it's well known that Birmingham still has the best. Looking for a recommendation? Check out Adil's, the place that lays perhaps the strongest claim to creating the dish in the first place or Al Frash. We're also locked into an ongoing battle with Glasgow as to which city created the creamy, mild curry, the Chicken Tikka Masala. Added bonus? Many of the city's balti houses are BYOB.
Outside of those mentioned, there really is something for those that want something a little different. The Karczma serves authentic Polish food in amazing decor. Bonehead is the place to go for fried chicken. If you're not feeling a full three course balti, Zindiya offers amazing Indian street food. Loaf is a co-operatively ran bakery and cookery school that offer literally the best sausage rolls in the world. Whatever cuisine takes your fancy, you will find a restaurant in Birmingham cooking it to the highest quality.
If there's anything that will force you to make plans to visit Birmingham again, it's the food.
Drinking And what d'you know, it's not just great food here, but great drink too!
In the city centre, you're spoiled for choice. There's a Brewdog bar, serving a range of beers from the eponymous brewery alongside a smorgasbord of guest brewers. Just opposite is Cherry Reds (they also have a location in Kings Heath), serving craft beers in a cafe atmosphere. Located in a former, guess what, the Post Office Vaults invites you to take a look through their "Beer Bible" and select from hundreds of beers from around the world. Purecraft serves beers from the renowned Purity Brewing Company, and the food is amazing too.
Around what was formerly a financial district, you'll find a lot of popular bars in attractive buildings, such as The Old Joint Stock, The Lost and Found and The Cosy Club. In the Jewellery Quarter, you'll find the reasonably priced 1000 Trades (usually with a pop-up dishing out great food) and further afield, the Plough in Harborne.
Cocktails more your thing? You won't miss out. The Alchemist, Fumo, Ginger's and Gas Street Social all serve proper cocktails in trendy atmospheres.
On the same street in Stirchley and Cotteridge, you will find two of the countries highest-rated off-licences. Cotteridge Wines has been voted The Best Bottle Shop in England for five years running, and Stirchley Wines, just a few minutes walk away, is held in similarly high regard. Both have been listed in RateBeer's top four locations in the country.


Birmingham is famous as a sporting city. The Football League, the world's first league football competition, was founded in 1888 by Birmingham resident, and Aston Villa director William McGregor.
Along with the aforementioned Aston Villa, Birmingham is also home to another of the oldest football teams in the country, Birmingham City. Birmingham City's Ladies play at the top level of Women's football. The football season runs between August and May.
Edgbaston Cricket Ground is home to Warwickshire County Cricket Club, but is also more prominently used for Test matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals. The County Cricket season runs between April and September. The Twenty20 season runs between July and September.
Birmingham and the nearby areas are home to two PGA standard golf courses; The Belfry, which has hosted the Ryder Cup more than any other venue, and the Forest of Arden, a regular host of tournaments on the PGA European Tour.
Arena Birmingham, formerly known as the National Indoor Arena, has hosted a number of World and European indoor athletics championships, and the Alexander Stadium in Perry Barr is the headquarters of UK Athletics, and the home of the Birchfield Harriers, which counts a number of elite international athletes amongst its members.
The first ever game of lawn tennis was played in Birmingham in 1859 and the Birmingham Classic, played annually at the Edgbaston Priory Club is one of only three UK tennis tournaments on the WTA Tour.
There are two professional Rugby Union teams in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Moseley Rugby Football Club play in the National League 1, and Birmingham & Solihull Pertemps Bees play in the Midlands Premier division. The Rugby Union season typically runs between September and April.
Birmingham is also home to the oldest British American football team, the Birmingham Bulls and the most successful team in University American football, the Birmingham Lions at the University of Birmingham. The Tamworth Phoenix, the current BAFA National League champions, are located in nearby Coleshill, and the Sandwell Steelers are located in the Black Country. The BAFA National Leagues season typically runs between April and August and the University season typically runs between October and January.
The Birmingham Bandits play in the National Baseball League, the top level of competition in the country. The season typically runs between April and August.
Birmingham will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.


Film For those that want to catch a movie, there is, as you might expect, a range of chain cinemas in dozens of locations across the city in which you can catch the latest release.
But if you're looking for something really special? Why not check out The Electric, the UK's oldest working cinema?
Of course, they show the latest blockbusters, but they also show classic movies and special events throughout the year.
Music Whatever your preference, there's a good bet that Birmingham has had an impact.
We have the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra playing at the Symphony Hall for those with a more refined ear.
There are regular jazz festivals across the city and surroundings through the year.
Perhaps you've heard of the small time bands Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and Napalm Death? Birmingham is the home to metal, and it's an influence that is still obvious today. You'll find local bands playing the full spectrum of metal at music pubs across the city.
If you want to check out a band on tour, we've got arenas that range in size from the huge (Arena Birmingham, Genting Arena) to the more modest (Hare & Hounds, HMV Institute) and those in-between (O2 Academy).
Theatre The Repertory Theatre is the UK's longest-established "producing theatre" and the Alexandra and Hippodrome are the go-to places to see shows on tour.
Those looking for a particularly classy night out can choose from the Birmingham Royal Ballet, resident at the Hippodrome, or the Birmingham Opera Company, known for their avant garde performances in non-typical spaces.
Museums & Galleries Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is the big one. A notable collection of Pre-Raphaelite work and the Staffordshire Hoard are probably the stand outs that it's known for, but there's a temporary exhibition space that hosts events like student exhibitions from local universities.
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts is located on the campus of the University of Birmingham, and was one of only five galleries outside London to receive five stars for having "Outstanding collections of international significance", and this relatively modest sized gallery hosts works by the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin and J. M. W. Turner and has one of the world's largest coin collections.
If contemporary art is more your thing, then the Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place is for you, hosting rotating exhibitions throughout the year.
The mac, located in Cannon Hill Park is an art gallery with rotating exhibitions that also hosts plays, concerts and film showings.
For further Museums & Galleries see the "Attractions" section.
Nightlife As a young city, there's plenty of places in the city to while the night away.
Broad Street is Birmingham's most well known area. It's a long street with very popular, relatively "bog-standard" bars and clubs, with large dancefloors and loud, popular music. PRYZM is the largest nightclub in the city, and Grosvenor Casino, open 24 hours, is nearby.
You'll most likely find single 18-25 year olds along this busy street just a few minutes walk from the very centre of the city.
Birmingham's Gay Village is also well established, with Nightingales being arguably the biggest name. Nearby, the Arcadian hosts a number of smaller bars and clubs.
The Jewellery Quarter offers more intimate nightlife options, and you're more likely to find a slightly older clientele sipping cocktails and listening to live bands than on their feet on a dancefloor.
Digbeth is where the cool people go in search of more underground fare. DJs and producers playing House, Techno (including the world famous "Birmingham Sound"), Dubstep, Garage and Drum & Bass congregate in the clubs in this area, catering to those that are happy to go all night. If you want to go even further off the beaten track, check out PST where you're likely to find Listening Sessions, showcasing a range of music from local producers.
Shopping The Bullring is the major shopping centre in Birmingham. It is one of Europe's largest and houses just one of four Selfridges department stores, housed in an iconic building. There are a number of stores selling fashion, cosmetics, toys and gifts and food.
The Bull Ring markets see 140 stallholders offering fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish, and basically every non-food item you can think of.
The Jewellery Quarter is Europe's largest concentration of businesses involved in the jewellery trade, which produces 40% of all the jewellery made in the UK.
The Great Western Arcade is a Grade II listed row of shops that cater almost entirely to independent retailers where you're almost guaranteed to find something unique.


We're a relatively temperate city, in that it rarely gets super cold, and rarely gets super hot. In the summer months, you can expect a twenty four hour swing from around 11°C(52°F) to 23°C(73°F), and in the winter months, anywhere between 0°C(32°F) and 7°C(45°F).
We get roughly 10-13 rainy days per month throughout the year.
Compared to other UK cities, we are relatively snowy, due to our inland position and high elevation, however, it rarely snows to a degree that it causes problems.


Birmingham is, perhaps surprisingly given its unfair reputation, an outstandingly green city. We have a stunning 571 parks in the city, more than any other European city.
Sutton Park is the biggest park in the city, and is Europe's largest urban park outside of a capital city. Around a quarter of the former Royal Forest is covered by ancient woodlands, and there are a number of large ponds and pools. It is relatively common to see deer and exmoor ponies in the less busy parts of the park. There are several sporting events held in the park throughout the year.
The Lickey Hills are home to a Green Flag awarded country park that offer picturesque views of the city of Birmingham, and are home to several species of deer, badgers and around ninety bird species, and some believe this favoured haunt of J. R. R. Tolkien formed the inspiration for the Shire in his famed The Lord Of The Rings series.
Cannon Hill Park is a 250 acre area consisting of woodland, grassland and several large ponds. There are areas for soccer, boating, fishing, tennis and mini-golf.


Due to its centralised location, Birmingham is well placed for transport. It is served by the M5, M6 (famed for the Gravelly Hill Interchange, more commonly known as Spaghetti Junction), M40 and M42 motorways.
Birmingham Airport (actually located in Solihull), is an international airport, with flights to and from to many destinations in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Birmingham New Street is the largest railway station outside of London and serves locations across the country. Snow Hill and Moor Street act as the northern termini for trains coming from London Marylebone.
Buses are mainly administered by National Express, and the West Midlands bus route 11, also known as the Birmingham Outer Circle, is the longest urban bus route in Europe at 27 miles, taking around three hours to complete.
Uber operates within Birmingham.

Living In Birmingham

Many times we're asked here on brum "where should I live", "is area X ok to live in", etc. Much like everything else in Birmingham, there is a lot of variety. Houses can range from cheap as chips to pretty expensive, and each area of the city has its own up and downsides. It's not so easy to divide Birmingham by distinct areas of desirability, and some of the most expensive and sought after suburbs border those that aren't as popular.

Central Birmingham

Living in central Birmingham will be similar to living in the centre of any other big city, if you've ever done that. There will always be something to do on right on your doorstep, the social opportunities are immense, and your commute can be but a short walk to the office. Of course, this is often at the expense of a smaller, more expensive property, greater noise and everywhere is pretty busy 24/7. There are a number of distinct "regions" in the city centre.
Brindley Place & Surrounding Areas Likely the priciest part of the city centre to live in, but there are often more than small flats available. Penthouses, townhouses and large apartments are more common in this area.
Average property price: Anywhere from ~£150,000 to £1m+ Brindley Place on Streetcheck
Digbeth An area still undergoing gentrification, but also a focal point for up and coming independents in business, food, arts and culture. Most, if not all, properties in Digbeth will be flats. Most of Digbeth is a five minute walk to the centre of the city.
Average property price: £158,024 Digbeth on Streetcheck
Jewellery Quarter Great for food and drink, the Jewellery Quarter, while still a stronghold in the UK jewellery industry, is fast becoming one of the "cooler" areas to live in the city. Most, if not all, properties in the Jewellery Quarter will be flats.
Average property price: ~£200,000-250,000 Jewellery Quarter on Streetcheck

North Birmingham

North Birmingham has a large swing in terms of lifestyle. Some areas closer to the city centre are more economically deprived, whereas further away, the likes of Sutton Coldfield can boast some of the most expensive and most desirable locations in the Midlands. The transport links are, to some, an attraction to living in North Birmingham, usually being just minutes from several junctions on the M6 and M5.
Aston Aston as a settlement is very old, and has a real mix of history, ranging from the medieval to Jacobean to early 1900s. Most properties in Aston are terraced houses.
Average property price: £107,137 Aston on Streetcheck
Erdington Lying between the city centre and it's more expensive neighbour, Erdington is fast becoming a desirable location for those priced out of Sutton Coldfield. There is a range of properties from detached housing to flats.
Average property price: £163,075 Erdington on Streetcheck
Handsworth An "on the rise" area that can boast perhaps the longest list of famous residents in the whole city. There are a wide range of properties from detached housing to terraced houses.
Average property price: £144,484 Handsworth on Streetcheck
Sutton Coldfield A "Royal Town" and the fourth-least deprived area in the country, Sutton Coldfield is renowned as a very affluent area with many attractions. There are a range of properties from terraced houses to very large detached houses.
Average property price: £314,808 although houses can and do regularly top £3m+ Sutton Coldfield on Streetcheck

East Birmingham

East Birmingham is home to a diverse population, and a relatively green area stretching from the city centre to neighbouring Solihull, and is quickly finding itself a niche as younger folk priced out of Solihull move to a desirable location between the leafy town and Birmingham's centre.
Bordesley Green Traditionally an area popular with immigrants, and mostly consists of terraced houses.
Average property price: £122,712 Bordesley Green on Streetcheck
Stechford Mostly terraced housing with a tonne of local ameneties and is cut almost in two by the River Cole and has a large nature reserve running through it.
Average property price: £150,085 Stechford on Streetcheck
Yardley & Sheldon An historically old suburb of Birmingham, with a dedicated conservation area and many local ameneties. There are a range of properties from detached houses to a small number of flats and apartments.
Average property price: £162,601 Yardley & Sheldon on Streetcheck

South Birmingham

The south of Birmingham is home to some of the "coolest" suburbs that are quickly gaining popularity, seated between the city centre and what you might call "countryside" towards Warwickshire.
Hall Green Encompassing much of the Tolkien trail, this suburb borders Shirley in Solihull.
Average property price: £209,923 Hall Green on Streetcheck
Kings Heath, Stirchley and Cotteridge These three closely related suburbs are quickly becoming seen as an affordable alternative to Moseley.
Average property price: £211,276 Kings Heath on Streetcheck
Moseley With a real "village" feel, there are many renowned drinking holes and eateries, with a large range of property types.
Average property price: £276,533 Moseley on Streetcheck
Sparkhill Home to a large population of immigrants, it's not surprising that Sparkhill is home to much of the famed "Balti Triangle". Most of the properties are terraced houses.
Average property price: £142,394 Sparkhill on Streetcheck

West Birmingham

As you move away from the city centre towards the Black Country, you'll come across some of the city's most sought-after locations for both young and old alike.
Edgbaston A very affluent suburb that is also home to much of the University of Birmingham campus. There are a number of very large houses, but also a large number of flats and terraced houses. Houses can and do regularly go for £1m+
Average property price: £301,851 Edgbaston on Streetcheck
Harborne A Victorian-era suburb with a large amount of terraced and semi-detached housing, located between Edgbaston and Quinton.
Average property price: £278,266 Harbone on Streetcheck
Selly Oak The majority of residents in this suburb are students at Birmingham's universities. As such, it has many transport links to the city centre. Most of the properties are terraced houses.
Average property price: £221,046 Selly Oak on Streetcheck
Quinton This green suburb basically forms the very western border of the city before you enter Sandwell and Dudley. Most properties are semi-detached.
Average property price: £258,077 Quinton on Streetcheck

Outside the city

Birmingham is part of the greater West Midlands conurbation, so it can be used as a hub for exploring the region easily.
Solihull is situated on the south-eastern edge of Birmingham. Solihull is an affluent town with a mid-sized town centre, and a number of smaller villages located more rurally.
Coventry can be reached via the M6 or A45, and is roughly a half an hour to fourty minute drive from the city centre.
Stratford-Upon-Avon, famed for being the home of William Shakespeare, is located roughly an hour away from the city centre.
Warwick, the home of Warwick Castle, is located near Royal Leamington Spa, and is about an hour by car from the city centre.
The Cotswolds, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, can be quickly reached, anywhere from one to two hours away from the city centre.
Worcester and the Malvern Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, can be reached via the M5, around an hour and a half from the city centre.
On the western edge of the city, the Black Country, consisting of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton can be found.
Further out west, the Shropshire Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty can be found.
To the north of the city, Cannock Chase, a large, heavily wooded Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is located.
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Trump, Murdoch, Lauder, Giuliani, and Russia: The Tangled Web

Roy Cohn: US Political Nexus
In the 1980‘s Ron Lauder (1), Rupert Murdoch (2), and Donald Trump (3) shared the same mob-connected lawyer, Roy Cohn. As a matter of fact Roy Cohn even introduced Roger Stone to Trump in 1979 (3).
Stone appeared on East 68th Street to find Cohn, just awakened, in his robe, sitting with one of his clients, Mob boss “Fat Tony” Salerno, of the Genovese crime family. “In front of [Roy] was a slab of cream cheese and three burnt slices of bacon,” Stone remembered. “He ate the cream cheese with his pointing finger. He listened to my pitch and said, ‘You need to see Donald Trump. I will get you in, but then you are on your own.’ ”
Shortly after, Stone founded Black Manafort & Stone with Paul Manafort and Charlie Black and took on Donald Trump as their first client (3). Stone later introduced Trump to Manafort in 1988 at the Republican National Committee (4).
Enter Russia
In 1986, Russia’s ambassador to the US, Yuri Dubinin, and Donald Trump dined at a luncheon hosted by the Lauders. The following year Dubinin invited Trump to what would become Trump’s first of many trips to Russia. There Trump toured possible locations for a potential Trump Tower in Moscow (1). By 1989 the Lauders made their own ventures into Russia, opening up their first Estee Lauder boutique in Moscow, just blocks from the Red Square (2).
That same year Ron Lauder joined forces with Arthur Finkelstein and Roger Ailes to run for New York mayor against Rudy Giuliani. When Lauder lost the primary to Giuliani, Ailes jumped shipped and joined Giuliani’s team. Ultimately, however, Giuliani lost the election (3), though he'd go on to attain the mayorship in 1993.
The Fall of Boris Berezovsky and Rise of Roman Abramovich
Mob-connected Boris Berezovsky benefitted handsomely from the Soviet Union’s march away from communism, becoming one of Russia’s first billionaires through his car dealership company, Logovaz, founded in 1989 (1). In 1995 the Russian presidency, helmed by Boris Yeltsin, was at risk of falling back into the hands of the Communists, so Yeltsin sought assistance from those who benefited most from his policies.
[Yelstin] was desperately in need of funds, and turned to men such as [Roman] Abramovich and Berezovsky, whom he invited to participate in the so-called "loans for shares" scheme in return for financial backing. (2)
For Berezovsky and his protege, Abramovich, that was with Sibneft, which they acquired in 1995. In exchanged for being brought into the loans for shares program, Abramovich was forced to pay Berezovsky $1 billion across 6 years for “kryshna”, or mafia protection (3).
In January 1996, during the Davos World Economic Forum, Berezovsky returned the favor and formed the Davos Pact with other newly minted Russia oligarchs, including Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven of Alfabank, to bankroll Yeltsin's campaign (4). In the end, though legally capped at $3 million, estimates range that Yeltsin’s campaign spent between $100-$500 million (5). They also brought in many America politicos to assist as well, including George Gorton, Richard Dresner, Joe Shumate (6), and Roger Stone-protege Michael Caputo (7).
Soon after Yeltsin’s victory, Ron Lauder traveled to Moscow to celebrate the opening of another boutique on Red Square. A lavish party was thrown in Lauder’s honor, even attended by Yeltsin himself. And the oligarch who threw the party - Boris Berezovsky (1). At some point Berezovsky would also team up with Rupert Murdoch to form Logovaz News Corporation that invested in Russia media, including Nashe Radio (8).
During Putin’s ascension toward power he found critics in a number of oligarchs that previously supported Yeltsin, including Berezovsky, who criticized Putin’s lean toward authoritarianism. In 2000 Putin succeeded Yeltsin and by the end of the year Berezovsky sought political asylum in London. In 2013 he died a mysterious death (4). Abramovich, however, stayed loyal to Putin and on February 17, 2000 made a deal with Russian oligarch and head of RusAl, Oleg Deripaska, to end the aluminum wars and turn Abramovich from merely rich to a full blown oligarch himself (9).
Ron Lauder
In 1995 Ron Lauder pushed Bibi Netanyahu to hire past political operative Arthur Finkelstein for Netanyahu’s first run for Prime Minister of Israel (1). Finkelstein also did work for the Trump Organization (2) and, according to Glenn Simpson’s congressional testimony, worked with Roger Stone and Paul Manafort in Ukraine (3).
...Finkelstein worked with Stone and Manafort in Ukraine in or around 2005, 2006, for the same cast of bad guys.
Finkelstein's longtime business associate and adviser to Netanyahu, George Birnbaum, would later reach out to Paul Manafort's deputy, Rick Gates, when Gates joined Trump's campaign, and presented a plan for a campaign of social media manipulation run by Israeli intelligence officers through Psy-Group, owned by Joel Zamel (25). Later Erik Prince would arrange for Joel Zamel to meet with George Nader and Don Jr. to discuss Zamel's proposal. Nader ultimately paid $2 million dollars for the work (26).
Ron Lauder and Netanyahu would become close and in 1998, Lauder, Netanyahu, and George Nader joined forces in ultimately failed negotiations between Israel and Syria (4). In the 2000's, after spending a year a Prague prison for pedophilia, Nader moved to the UAE and quickly rebuilt his political connections, becoming trusted emissary to the crown princes of both Saudi Arabia (MBS) and the UAE (MBZ). Soon after, Erik Prince of Blackwater hired Nader as a "business development consultant" from March 2004 - Nov 2008 (33) to acquire security contracts with Iraq (30). In 2010, as Blackwater struggled under scandal, Prince moved to the UAE himself and founded another private security firm, r2, directly financed my MBZ. R2 was tasked with securing a number of Middle East power plants yet to be built (31).
In Dec 2016 after a secret meeting with MBZ at Trump Tower that included Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and Michael Flynn (which was at the center of the unmasking controversy), Prince discussed with Nader and MBZ a back-channel to Russia. At the time Nader was promoting a plan to destabilize Iran using private security contractors (26). A month later Nader and MBZ introduced Prince to the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund in Seychelles (32), a meeting currently under investigation by the FBI special counsel. Nader is cooperating with Mueller.
In 2000, Allen Roth, Lauder’s longtime aide who helped in his 1989 mayoral run, founded One Jerusalem and later its offshoot, Secure America Now. Ron Lauder and Robert Mercer are top donors to Secure America Now and Devon Gaffney Cross, on the board of One Jerusalem (6), is sister to Michael Flynn associate Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy (7). One Jerusalem is currently under investigation for a corruption scheme involving a Netanyahu aide (5).
In an email to George Nader, Elliott Broidy claims Secure America Now was one of the companies he worked with (8). In 2003, Elliott Broidy bribed the New York State pension into investing in a private equity firm he founded to invest in Israel (9). In 2005 Broidy started a private security contractor business, Circinus, that recently acquired a $200 million contract with the UAE (28), arranged by George Nader a(29). Broidy is currently the subject of a criminal probe in Ukraine for working with a US sanctioned Russian bank, VTB, in 2014 (27).
In 1997 Ron Lauder teamed up with a Vadim Rabinovich on a media venture into Ukraine (10).
American Government officials acknowledged that embassy officials had told Mr. Lauder and other company officials about Mr. Rabinovich's conviction and his links to Grigory Loutchansky, a Russian whose company, Nordex, is suspected of having ties to criminal organizations.
In 2003 the Lauder Institute teamed up with Russia Oligarch Michael Fridman and German Khan’s Alfabank to form the “Excellence in Foreign Investement in Russia” award, with Leonard Lauder and Richard Burt on the board (11). Richard Burt, working for Diligence, had previously worked as a lobbyist for Oleg Deripaska, Deripaska’s RusAl, and Gazprom, and was once implicated in a scam to steal information from an Alfabank competitor (12)(13). Diligence also happens to be owned by Deripaska's London-based business partner, Nathanial Rothschild (23). Burt, along with Paul Manfort and George Papadopoulos, edited Trump’s first speech on foreign policy, where Trump promised Russia a great deal (14).
In 2004 Ron Lauder sold shares of Channel-9 and Channel-10 to Russian Oligarch Lev Leviev, a close associate of Roman Abramovich (19). Lev Leviev would later do business with Jared Kushner (22). In 2013 Lauder negotiated selling a major stake in Channel-10 to Len Blavatnik (18), a Russia oligarch currently under investigation by Mueller (20). And here is Lauder hanging out with Roman Abramovich in 2018 (21).
In November 2014 Ron Lauder met with Alfa-bank founders Mikhail Fridman and German Khan in London (15). German Khan’s son-in-law pled guilty for lying to Mueller about his work with Paul Manafort.
On March 31st, Papdopoulos told Trump he can “arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin” (16). On April 19 2016, Ron Lauder personally met with Putin (17).
More recently, in October 2018 Trump dispatched Ron Lauder to met with the president of Palenstine behind Jared Kushner's back to reinstate peace talks (24).
Lauder had proposed running a back channel between the PA leader and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the initiative ultimately fizzled.
Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendi Deng
In the 90‘s Murdoch ventured into Russia media with mob-linked Boris Berezovsky of Logovaz. The two formed a joint venture, Logovaz News Corp, that invested in a number of Russian media properties, including Nashe Radio (1). Then in 2002 Murdoch entered into the Russian billboard industry (2):
By all accounts, the unexpected break for Murdoch in the Russian ad market came in 2002 after the assassination of Vladimir Kanevsky, then the billboard king of Moscow. In February of that year, at an intersection near the Kremlin, a man in a black ski cap walked up to Kanevsky's car and pumped five rounds into his head and chest.
Murdoch's Russia ventures have been investigated for bribery. This was all in the background when, in 1999, Rupert Murdoch married Wendi Deng whom he and the FBI suspect of being a spy (3).
Since their divorce, Murdoch has been telling anybody who would listen that Wendi is a Chinese spy--and had been throughout the marriage.
In 2006, when Jared Kushner bought the Observer, Murdoch became his close mentor (4).
When Jared Kushner took over the New York Observer in mid-2006 (around the time he met Ivanka Trump, whom he would marry in 2009) he turned to Murdoch for counsel.
Jared and Ivanka were known to double-date with Murdoch and his ex-wife Wendi Deng, and even after Murdoch’s split with Deng, the two women and the two men remained close.
Kushner then directed the Observer erase such stories, and more (4).
The erasures first occurred under the leadership of then-editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers, who told The Post she was unaware of the erasure but said Kushner previously requested over the phone she couch stories about media mogul Rupert Murdoch, his mentor.
In 2007 Wendi Deng, introduced Ivanka Trump to the wife of Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova (5). In 2010, Jared Kushner's brother, Joshua, invested in a joint venture founded by Zhukova and Deng, (6). Then in 2014 Zhukova invited Deng, Ivanka, and Kushner to Moscow where they partied with Abramovich, Viktor Vekselberg, Len Blavatnik, and Alfa-bank execs, including the son-in-law of Sergei Lavrov (7).
A week before inauguartion Ivanka Trump hosted a secret dinner at the home of Wendi Deng where she collected advice from a series of powerful business women (8). The two then hung out during Trump's inauguaration (9).
In 2010, Israel granted oil rights in Syria to Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild, both of Genie Energy (10). Jacob also sits on the international advisory board to Blackstone Group (13), who's founder, Steve Schwarzman, sat on the board of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (14). Jacob's brother, Nathaniel, is also business partners with Oleg Deripaska, and owns Diligence, which employed Richard Burt to lobby on behalf of Deripska, RusAl, and Gazprom (11).
Richard Burt was John McCains top policy adviser in 2000 and an adviser to McCain during McCain's 2008 run for the presidency. Nathanial, Burt's employer, ended up hosting a dinner for John McCain that gained much criticism at the time (11): conservative watchdog group in the US went after McCain half a year ago for facilitating a fundraiser at the home of Nat Rothschild, the Deripaska associate at the center of the Osborne-Mandelson row. Foreign donations, even "in-kind" contributions such as assistance raising money, are prohibited under American election law.
In 2018 Ron Lauder awarded the entire Rothschild family the Herzl Award (12).
Rudy Giuliani
From 1977-1981 Giuliani worked at law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. One of the partners was Richard Nixon's son-in-law, Ed Cox (22). Ed Cox would later introduce Carter Page to the Trump campaign in Dec 2015 (23).
In 1993 Rudy Giuliani attained the mayorship of New York with the help of Sam Kislin, a major donor with links to the Russian mafia, whom Giuliani later appointed to the New York City Mayor's Council of Economic Advisors (18)(19)(21). Sam Kislin ran an electronics store with Tamir Sapir. Tamir Sapir's Sapir Organization later teamed up with the Trump Organization and Felix Sater's Bayrock Group for Trump SoHo in 2006 (20).
During Giuliani's 1993 campaign, he developed a close bond with Bernard Kerik, a police detective for the NYPD who once helped arrange security for the Saudi royal family and assisted Giuliani through his campaign. When airplanes struck the World Tower in 2001, it was Kerik standing by Giuliani’s side (1).
During the 90‘s, however, Kerik developed mob-ties, details which spilled out in 2004 nomination process to become head of Homeland Security. One of those ties, whom the mob hired on Kerik’s request, was Lawrence Ray (2). In 2009 Kerik pled guilty to corruption, tax evasion, and making false statements.
In 1996 Ray was indicted for a pump-and-dump stock scheme run by several New York crime families, including the Gambinos, and the Russian mob, including none other than Felix Sater (3) who later arranged for Ivanka Trump to sit in Putin’s chair in Moscow and worked with the Trump Organization on the fraud-laden Trump SoHo project (5).
Interstate Industrial was also tied to former Gambino captain, Dominic Borghese (13). Another member of the Gambino crime family, Julius Nasso, ran his own mob-linked concrete company that worked jointly with S&A on Trump Tower . S&A was part owned by Roy Cohn's other client, "Fat Tony" of the Genovese crime family (12).
Julius Nasso's nephew of the same name partnered with Paul Manaofort to found Manhattan Pictures and produced Steven Seagal film. Ultimately Nasso spent a year in prison for extorting Steven Seagal (14) business partner in Manhattan Pictures, but not before the two made shadowy dealings with a company that sold Russian nuclear tech to US companies (15).
Also in 1996, just months after Yeltsin’s victory, Rupert Murdoch debuted Fox News Channel and appointed Roger Ailes founding CEO. Immediately Fox News Channel enlisted New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to pressure Time Warner to transmit Fox News (6). Giuliani also developed a close relationship with Donald Trump during his mayorship, including appearing with Trump in a comedy video in 2000 (7) and borrowing Trump’s private plane for a trip to Israel in 2001 (8).
In August 2001 Kerik traveled to Israel and for the first time met Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer, who ran a company that did business with US defense contractors (16). The following December Giuliani borrowed Trump's plane to visit Israel himself (17). In 2002 Giuliani founded Giuliani Partners with Bernard Kerik and in 2003, while Kerik traveled to Iraq as part of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, he met up with Wertheimer again and received a "loan" a failed to document it (16).
In 2004 Giuliani Partners obtained Triglobal as a client. Triglobal, a company that connects Western businesses to the former Soviet Union, quickly shuttled Giuliani to Moscow to meet with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, amongst other prominent politicians and business men of Russia (9).
In February 2013 Giulani met with Emin Agalarov, who’s publicist arranged the Trump Tower meeting with Russian agent Natalia Veselnitskaya (10). Over the years Giulani’s clients have included Alfabank, Rosneft, and Ukrainian politician Vitali Klitschko, all connected to Triglobal (11).
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Sydney This Weekend(17th & 18th)

Outside shit
Market shit
Tasty shit
Art shit
Performance shit
Gig Shit
Education Shit
Chinese New Year Shit
Gay shit
Other shit
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Foreign Ownership of Land Register, Safe and Secure Rentals and Airport Authority Publicising Lost Property Sales drawn from ballot + Members Day Update

How the Day Unfolded
12 Questions to Ministers were answered
1 Question to a member was answered
The General Debate was Held
The general debate is held every week on Wednesday after Question Time. The formal procedure for the debate is that a member move a motion that the house take note of miscellaneous business. Members have 5 minutes to speak to whatever issue they wish. At the end of the hour the motion lapses and no question is put or vote taken.
The speakers were:
Call Member Party Seat Topic
1. Andrew Little Labour List Housing, The Budget, The State of the Govt
2. Amy Adams National Selwyn The Labour Greens MOU & Government announcements in the past 4 weeks
3. Iain Lees-Galloway Labour Palmerston North Immigration
4. Anne Tolley National East Coast Welfare Reforms & Regional Development
5. Ron Mark New Zealand First List Immigration & the rise of New Zealand First at the expense of Labour and National
6. Craig Foss National Tukituki Andrew Little v Stuart Nash and East Coast development
7. Peter Dunne United Future Ohariu Children in New Zealand
8. Sarah Dowie National Invercargill Economic Growth and Development in Southland
9. Marama Davidson Green List Housing
10. Jono Naylor National List Recent Government Announcements
11. Louisa Wall Labour Manurewa Social Development & homelessness
12. Dr Shane Reti National Whangarei Government achievements and announcements
A transcript of the debate can be found – here
Private and Local Orders of the Day
Member’s Orders of the Day
  • The Minimum Wage (Contractor Remuneration) Amendment Bill was read a second time. This bill is in the name of Labour list MP David Parker. This Bill amends the Minimum Wage Act 1983 to extend its provisions to apply to payments under a contract for services that are remunerated at below the minimum wage. Act and National voted against the bill but the vote was won after United Future voted in favour of the bill.
  • The first reading of the Oaths and Declarations (Endorsing the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi) Amendment Bill was not agreed to. The purpose of this bill is to ensure that a person taking any oath set out in statute may, in addition to the words of the oath, elect to state that they will perform their duties in accordance with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
    This bill saw spirited debate including the contribution of Treaty Affairs Minister and Attorney General Chris Finlayson (National – list). Arguments in favour contended that one could swear an oath on a bible to uphold the law according to their religious belief but not to uphold the principles of the Treaty that founded our nation. The counter argument was one based on the lack of need and that government agencies already uphold the principles of the treaty during their day to day activities and are required to consider them during decision making.
    The votes were:
    Party Aye Nay
    National 0 59
    Labour 32 0
    Green 14 0
    New Zealand First 0 12
    Maori 2 0
    Act 1 0
    United Future 1 0
    Total 50 71
  • The Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill was read a first time. The bill was passed 61 – 60. This bill is in the name of National MP for Rodney Mark Mitchell. This bill would give the Department of Corrections the power to issue warnings to persons who have not complied with community-based sentences, with the consequence of withholding benefit payments. It has been referred to the Social Services Select Committee.
Debate Interrupted
  • The debate on the Customs and Excise (Prohibition of Imports Made by Slave Labour) Amendment Bill was interrupted when Mark Mitchell (National – Rodney) was speaking with 9 speeches remaining. The bill is in the name of Labour’s Tāmaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare and amends the Customs and Excise Act 1996 to make goods produced in whole or in part by slave labour a prohibited import. National have indicated they will be voting against the bill.
The Biscuit Tin of Democracy
It has been a while but the biscuit tin has been dusted off and there was space for 3 bills to be drawn today. 79 bills were entered into the ballot.
The winning bills were:
Psephology Spotlight
Elections Concluded
  • In South Africa the ruling African National Congress suffered massive losses in their worst election performance since the end of Apartheid. The municipal council elections (which are conducted under MMP) saw the ANC lose majority control of many battleground cities including Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay and minor parties now are engaging in coalition talks between the ANC and opposition Democratic Alliance over who gets to control the council. In the last election the ANC garnered 62% of the popular vote whereas this year they mustered 54%. Corruption and economic woes are attributed to the swing away from the ANC. Famously President Zuma was found by the Constitutional Court to have benefited from $16 million worth of illegal expenditure to his personal home. In another example local corruption resulted in hundreds of toilets being built, row upon row, where houses should be instead.- see 1:20 in the video The ANC have promised to do a review in preparation for the next general election in 2019 and the position of President Zuma appears to be on shakey ground. However, many factions within the party are loyal to Zuma and it is thought that it is unlikely he could be brought down without a fight. Turnout was particularly key to the election results. Significant amounts of the population are still loyal to the ANC and so express their dissatisfaction by not turning up to vote, as they will not vote for any other party. Winning these groups back by 2019 is the new priority for the ANC and the opposition is hoping to win them over by bringing new leadership to local government.
  • The small African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe has a new president after their August 7 vote. The first round was held on July 17 and provisional results suggested that challenger Evaristo Carvalho, a former Prime Minister, had won but the result was annulled due to irregularities. Incumbent president Pinto da Costa boycotted the second round after claiming Carvalho engaged in fraudulent activity in round 1 meaning Carvalho was elected unopposed. Costa served as the nation’s first president from 1975 – 1991 and was elected again in 2011. He will leave office in early September.
Upcoming Elections
  • Presidential elections will be held in Gabon on 28 August 2016. The president serves a seven year term and is elected via first past the post. The issue for the opposition is that given the multitude of candidates standing (14 are approved to be on the ballot) vote splitting may result in incumbent President Ali Bongo Ondimba sneaking back into office much like how Ondimba was first elected in 2009. Former United Nations General Assembly President and Gabonese Foreign Minister Jean Ping is considered Ondimba’s toughest competition. Ping served under Ondimba’s father who was president of Gabon from 1967 until his death in 2009 and was involved in demonstrations against Ondimba which were broken up by police.
  • General elections and a constitutional referendum will be held in Zambia on 11 August. At stake are 150 members of the National Assembly, the five year term of president and an amendment to the Bill of Rights. The amendment would see Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental rights inserted alongside civil and political rights. Additionally the referendum if approved would see the rules for amendments to the constitution and bill of rights changed. In the race for president Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front is hoping to be elected to his first full term in office after winning the 2015 presidential by election. He is facing a rematch with Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development who missed out on victory by 27,757 votes last time in a race that still is disputed. The election method is two round first past the post. The Patriotic Front currently has a plurality of seats (60) in the multi party National Assembly who are elected via first past the post.
Fact of the Day – Housing the Prime Minister
All over the world Prime Ministers and leaders receive as a perk of their office a home that they can reside in throughout their tenure. In the United Kingdom it is 10 Downing Street, The French Prime Minister calls Hôtel Matignon home, The Prime Minister of Canada gets 24 Sussex Drive while the Prime Minister of India gets 7, Race Course Road (A.K.A Panchavati). In Australia the Prime Minister has The Lodge in Canberra and Kirribilli House in Sydney. In New Zealand it is Premier House but this hasn't always been the case.
In the early days of the New Zealand Parliament, premiers were required to find their own accommodation. This changed in 1865 when the capital moved to Wellington and the government acquired a simple 22-year-old wooden cottage in Thorndon’s Tinakori Road. This was a damp, flood-prone gully, but it was close to Parliament. A Wellington newspaper, elated by the city’s new status, thought the £2900 price ‘cheap’. An Auckland paper called it a ‘monstrous waste of public money’.
New Zealands sixth Premier, Frederick Weld, didn’t get to spend long in the house. Weld made many enemies by overseeing the moving of the capital to Auckland from Wellington as well as seeing the confiscation of more than a million acres of land from Waikato Maori. The finances of his government were precarious at best and his relations with the Governor soured over the withdrawal of British Troops. In October 1865 his government resigned after less than a year in the position.
With the arrival of the Vogel family in 1872 the house adopted the name “the casino” and consisted of 8 bedrooms with conservatory and ballroom. The ballroom got a hammering. They made Premier House the social centre of Wellington. In July 1876 Lady Vogel sent out 250 invitations to a calico fancy dress ball, ‘the most brilliant of its kind yet seen in this city’. The Vogels also imported New Zealand’s first lawn tennis set, though Sir Julius was too unfit to chase the ball far.
In 1884 the Vogels returned for another three years. Sir Julius was obese and gouty, so Cabinet often met in an office built in the house. In 1886 he added a lift to take him from the dining room up to his bedroom.
After the Vogels moved out, the government tried to sell the property. But the press and public fought back. Wellington people valued its spacious grounds as a public amenity. Only the furniture was sold. Some suggested turning the site into an old men’s home or a university, but it stayed empty. MPs’ salaries had been cut, and the Liberal ministers of the 1890s had to live cheaply. Premier Richard John Seddon lived in a modest ministerial residence at 47 Molesworth Street. ‘This isn’t at all a nice house; it is surrounded, like a nunnery, with a high and close and ugly wooden fence, and presents a dismal appearance’, a voter complained. Seddon’s son remembered it fondly as ‘a political house. Politics was the sole subject day after day – at breakfast, dinner and tea.’
The Tinakori Street residence, vacant since 1893, was leased out from 1896 to 1900, when it became a ministerial residence again.
The house’s fortunes recovered when Seddon’s deputy, Joseph Ward, moved in. Ward, soon to be Sir Joseph, and prime minister from 1906, named it Awarua House. Like Vogel, he enjoyed the good life. The Wards threw ‘at homes’, garden parties, receptions, garden fetes, balls and wedding receptions. Sometimes over 1000 people gathered there. When Governor Ranfurly dropped in for a chat, they served him whisky in special large glasses. Sir Joseph liked to free office hours for talking or socialising. So he spent the early morning in his study in pyjamas and dressing gown, signing the documents delivered by his chief secretaries.
William Massey, the house’s next lengthy occupant, renamed it Ariki Toa, ‘home of the chief’. During the First World War the Masseys used it for patriotic activities.
In 1925, Gordon Coates called Ariki Toa ‘a happy home … a haven of rest’. That year he rebuilt the conservatory and added an enclosed veranda above it. Four years later Cabinet again tried to sell it. ‘Sunless and damp, and the gardening costly and unnecessary’, an official sniffed. But again, public protests prevented a sale.
Ariki Toa’s role as the prime minister’s official house ended in the 1930s when George Forbes moved out. In 1935 the new prime minister, Michael Joseph Savage, a frugal bachelor, made the break permanent by choosing a smaller ministerial home in Molesworth Street. Three years later, dying of cancer, he moved into Hill Haven, 66 Harbour View Road, in the suburb of Northland. Prime Minister Peter Fraser decided to remain in Hill Haven throughout the 1940’s preferring its scenic outlook.
Sidney Holland preferred a place with a guest bathroom. He renovated 41 Pipitea Street in Thorndon. This brick house is close to Parliament, but its surroundings were still industrial, ‘with a brewery chimney quite close, a paint factory next door, commercial offices (B.P. Ltd) on the eastern boundary.’ The section had a small lawn in front and room for a clothes line behind, but the house was too small to entertain official guests.
Holland’s National successor Keith Holyoake also lived there. In 1966 the air was still ‘sodden with the smell of hops and malt from the brewery up the street, and jackhammers are busy tearing down Victorian ruins all around.’ But the economy-minded Holyoake dismissed all suggestions of building a new official residence. The Holyoakes put buckets under the leaks in the kitchen roof whenever it rained. Today Pipitea Street is still an important part of New Zealand politics and serves as the home of the National Party offices
Holyoake was not as eccentric as he might seem. Ministerial houses were seldom very flash. Every time the government changed, prime ministers-elect trotted around these places, often still occupied by defeated ministers and their families. In November 1972, for example, Norman Kirk and his wife, Ruth, went house hunting. Because they knew Holyoake had let 41 Pipitea Street deteriorate, they did not even bother to look at it. They chose a Seatoun house recommended by their ministerial driver.
The Ministry of Works looked after ministers’ houses. As many had been bought only to be demolished for motorways and other development, it skimped on their maintenance and furnishing. Television came to New Zealand in 1960, but the Ministry waited until 1965 before providing TV aerials for ministers’ houses. Ministers paid for their own sets until 1973, when Cabinet made them free – provided the screens did not exceed 23 inches (58 cm).
In 1976 New Zealand regained an official home for its prime minister for the first time in 40 years. Ten years earlier, Jocelyn Vogel had given Vogel House in Lower Hutt to the Crown to mark 100 years of Parliament in Wellington. Designed in 1933 by Helmore and Cotterill, it was one of the Hutt Valley’s last large houses designed for a family and domestic staff.
Prime Minister Robert Muldoon rushed to refurbish Vogel House in time for a dinner for the visiting Queen Elizabeth II in February 1977. He was our first modern leader able to offer VIPs proper hospitality. David Lange, who succeeded Muldoon in 1984, never liked Vogel House and kept his family in Auckland. He ‘camped’ in a tiny first floor apartment in the house, moaning about the staff folding the edge of the toilet paper in neat triangles, hotel-style. Finding it too far from the Beehive, he saw out his term as prime minister in a flat near Parliament.
After Michael Joseph Savage rejected Tinakori Street, it became ‘the murder house’, a children’s dental clinic. The Public Works Department raised seedlings at the front of the grounds. In 1977 the dental nurses moved out, leaving the property empty. In the early to mid-1980s the Ministry of Works repiled the building and fitted sprinklers, but it remained underutilised. Some wanted to redevelop the site, but the Thorndon Society and the Historic Places Trust defended its heritage qualities. It is a Category I historic place on the Trust register. In the late 1980s, Minister of Internal Affairs Michael Bassett decided to restore 260 Tinakori Road as an official prime ministerial residence. The conservation of Premier House, as they renamed it, was a 1990 Sesquicentennial project. That year Geoffrey Palmerand his wife, Margaret, became its first official residents.
Premier House has housed every subsequent prime minister. Some made it a family home, but Helen Clark and John Key kept their families in Auckland, using Premier House as a workday squat. ‘There’s a little corner which has the bedroom and the bathroom, and … I go into the bedroom somewhere around midnight or later,’ Clark said in 2002. ‘The alarm goes in the morning, I wander along to the kitchen, I turn on the jug and make a cup of tea. Then I’m out of there.’
Nevertheless, Premier House hosts VIPs, such as Prince William, who attended a barbecue there in 2010. It is also used by politicians and officials for meetings and is the venue for events such as awards ceremonies. Premier House was one of the few Crown-owned ministerial houses retained by the government recently after it reformed ministerial expenses, terminated many leases and put ministers on to flat allowances to cover their Wellington expenses.
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Previous facts of the day: Speaker's flat, Urgency, Jernigham Wakefield, Sidney Holland and the Suicide Squad, 1951 the last majority election, The Business Committee, New Zealand's First Parliament in Auckland, 1947 Greymouth beer boycott, So goes Hamilton so goes the nation, Australia and Compulsory Voting
Standing Order of the Day - SO311 - Recommittal
A motion to recommit a bill to a committee of the whole House may be moved after the order of the day for the third reading of the bill has been called. There is no amendment or debate on the question.
Local Elections are coming
Elections for Mayors, Councils, Community Boards, Regional Council and District Health Boards will be held on 8 October.
This election will be via Postal vote after a possible internet voting trial was scrapped. Only those correctly enrolled by Friday 12 August 2016 will get their voting papers for the 2016 local elections sent to them in the mail.
Voting papers will be sent out from 16 September and must be received by the electoral officer by noon on Election Day, 8 October 2016.
Enrolling or updating your details is easy - go online at, freetext your name and address to 3676, call 0800 36 76 56 or go to any PostShop.
If you want to nominate as a candidate you have until 12 August to submit your papers. For more information visit your council website or consult Vote 2016
To see the nominations so far received for most councils and authorities click here
The next members day is expected to be on August 24
To see today's order paper click here
To see business currently before Select Committee Click Here
To see past Members Day Updates Click Here
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A guide to saving money while staying on the Strip

I am an EDC virgin but go to Vegas at least twice a year for various reasons. I know many are staying on the Strip but concerned about finances so I thought I would share some personal knowledge.
Anyone else with tidbits or suggestions feel free to comment as it benefits all of us!!
Strongly suggest centenorth center strip for various reasons I will outline later. Flamingo, Harrah's and Linq are all good for those pinching pennies due to excellent money saving options nearby and the usually low nightly rate.
All three have Monorail access which is a good deal, especially with a MyVEGAS voucher (more on that later). Monorail is a very easy way to get up and down the Strip efficiently and with a low cost.
Westgate LV is off Strip but also recommended due to Monorail access.
Linq- Rooms are a bit small but the crowd is a bit younger and likely to have plenty of ravers. Pool is small but very lively. Nice modern renovation and the Linq shops and restaurants are affordable and easily accessible.
Flamingo- Cheap eats, FANTASTIC and very lively pool scene (Best pool in Vegas to party outside of the premium pools IMO). It has two pools with the large and beautiful one being adults only!!
GO rooms are excellent, Fab rooms are meh BUT most include a couch to easily sleep 5 people. Access to Linq district same as Linq hotel itself.
Harrah's- Nothing special but great price and location with clean rooms. Pool is not good. Carnival Court can be a blast if it has a good crowd and usually has no cover. Easy access to center strip perks.
The Big properties charge outlandish prices for beer and cocktails to encourage gambling. Of course if you gamble the drink service is usually slow with the following exceptions
Casino Royale: Very small but drinks are very fast to come and if you tip a bit they will keep them coming. Play 5 cent video poker and have fun!
Cromwell: Small Casino with more upscale offerings but usually has great speed of service due to size. Also a beautiful Casino.
If you want to drink but not gamble the following are ABSOLUTES for your trip.
Casino Royale- Main bar has $1 Michelob bottles $1 Coors Light drafts and $2 well drinks all day every day! Take advantage of this!! "Premium" spirits and shots at the most are like 5 bucks. We like to shoot fireball and it's like 3 bucks. This place will SAVE your budget!!
Stage door- Located directly behind the Cromwell just off the strip this place has drink specials galore. Drank many a $3 Crown or Grey Goose cocktails in my days. Place is the absolute definition of a dive bar but it's fun and the locals who frequent there are hilarious.
Senor Frogs- Located at treasure Island they have open bar on Sunday,Wednesday and Thursday for like 35 bucks. They also frequently have Groupons available to get the same special for 25 bucks. Includes draft beer, wells and house wine. Nice patio as well.
Carlos and Charlie's- Similar to Senor Frogs, same ownership and they also have a few nights a week with a cheap open bar. Located at Flamingo.
Center strip has a variety of cheap eats in the hotels, the Linq area, and just off strip. Love the Flamingo pizza place (24 hours!!) 2 dollar hotdog at Casino Royale and getting buffets from MyVEGAS
If you aren't playing this you really need to. It's a slots game partnered with MGM hotels to get discounted dining, rooms, shows ect
My strategy would be for you and your group to get 2 for 1 buffet passes and just split the cost to make dining at Buffets Like Bellagio, Aria, MGM and others much more affordable!
Also the two for one Monorail prices are awesome. They have a Facebook game and mobile apps which are all different but combine your reward points to make earning a breeze.
This is just a quick start guide based on personal experiences. If anyone else has any options or advice please share!
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WEEKLY EVENTS 4/28 – 5/8

WEEKLY EVENTS 4/28 – 5/8
Just in time for the weekend!
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • Challenger Learning Center: Camp Woe-Be-Gone. “Big Bend Hospice and the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee invite youth ages 6-12 that have experienced the death of a loved one to join us for Grief Odyssey. This free one-day camp will help children explore safe ways to turn “scars into stars”. Breakfast, lunch, and t-shirts will be provided.” 9am
  • Tallahassee Nurseries: Beginning Beekeeping. “Leah Steele, with the Apalachee Beekeepers Assoc. will give a talk on beekeeping basics, very briefly discussing the history of beekeeping, then going into the basic biology of honeybees, pollination, what's really killing our bees, and how to become a beekeeper and get involved.” 10am
  • The Plant: Fossil Fuels & Fracking - Rad Kids Club. “Rad KIds Club is a place for all children to learn about social justice issues that affect the world in which they live in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. The goal of this club is to empower children to be part of positive change. This month, our guests from ReThink Energy Florida will be discussing fossil fuels with the kids, and will lead interested children in writing letters to their elected representatives supporting a ban on fracking.” 11am
  • St. Peter's Anglican Church: The English Fayre. “On a brilliant, Spring Saturday, England will travel to you! Play games, tour a double-decker bus, attend High Tea, or stroll the marvelous English Country Market - filled with delicious treats and wonderful wares for your home!” 11am
  • Midtown: Foster Fest. “Noon-3pm - kids pizza, ice cream, and video game party at Fire Betty's Arcade Bar. $5 per kid or $15 per family (of any size)! 3pm-8pm - food, drink, music, improv comedy, and silent auction event at Fifth and Thomas. $5 entry, plus the first 100 guests get their first pint for free! Great opportunity to learn more about foster care, adoption, and the Guardian ad Litem 2nd Circuit.” Noon-8pm
  • University Cycles: Fall reCycle Bike Collection Day 2. “Renters are required to return their bicycles to University Cycles. When you arrive at University Cycles to return you reCycle Bike, there will be someone waiting to check it in for you.” 1pm-4pm
  • Doak Campbell: Doak After Dark featuring Blake Shelton and Jake Owen. 3pm
  • Optimist Park: 2017 Nene Fest. 11am
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Behind the Scenes Feeding Experience. “”Have you ever wanted to know more about the wildlife at the Museum? Explore the diverse diets of our bears, river otters, panther, and cougars. This program takes you behind the scenes with one of the Museum’s animal keepers who will walk you through the feeding process of these 3 species.” 3:45pm
  • Mission San Luis: 2017 Equality Florida Tallahassee Gala. “We hope you will join us for a fantastic evening featuring live musical entertainment, delicious hors d’oeuvres, open bars, and a State of the State address by Equality Florida co-founder and CEO, Nadine Smith.” 7pm/$50
  • Blue Tavern: Beth McKee. 8pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: Cajun Dance with Gumbo Limbo. 8pm/$10
  • American Legion Hall: Beltane Ball / Spring Fling. “Dance the night away to the sounds of Brett Wellman and the Stone Cold Blues Band. This is a charity ball benefits going to The Gadsden County Humane Society. No need for costumes however if you wish to dress up have fun with it. There will be a food truck on premises.” 8pm/$10
  • The Moon: TSO Jazz. 8pm
  • The Wilbury: The Pauses & Teen Agers + Wrong Done Right. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Packrat's Smokehouse. 9pm
  • Play Sports Bar: TI & Young Dro. 9pm/18+
  • 7th Hill Tap Room/Corner Pocket: Casino Night for Kidz 1st Fund. “Join us at Corner Pocket Bar N Grill and 7th Hill Taproom for a casino night benefitting Kidz 1st Fund! We will have blackjack, three card poker, and craps tables. A $20 buy in will get you 10,000 in chips, all proceeds benefit Kidz 1st Fund. Prizes will be given to players with the top three most chips at the end of the night.” 9pm
  • The Warrior: Worthy of the Crown, Subversive Overdrive, The Page Brothers Band, and Violent Lyle. 9pm/$7
  • Gaines Street/Railroad Ave: The Souk – “Come grab brunch from Tallahassee's finest, enjoy local musicians and check out local vendors. BRUNCH! Gaines Street hosts 12+ locally owned dining establishments in a 2 block area - we've got something for everyone! VENDORS! We've got vendors all up & down the block! Have some stuff to sell? Bring it down!. And tons of live MUSIC!” Noon-5pm
  • GrassLands Brewery: Queer Trivia: Let's Get Beers Together. “GrassLands invites the Tally LGBT community and friends to come down and enjoy local craft beer and queer-themed trivia every Sunday. LGBT-themed trivia provided by Trivia With Hank. $30 bar tab for 1st place. Stick around afterward for queers and beers.” 5pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Hurricane Grill: Matt Burke. 2pm
  • Bread & Roses: Rise Above: Self care Sunday. “Attention all folks who are being targeted by the current administration, activists, organizers, concerned and overwhelmed community members. We will be hosting a monthly self care mediation/yoga group. This group will be different than most other mediations. We will be centering this around the alarming stories that are coming up in the news as well as acts that violate human rights. We will meet these devastating stories with much needed laughter, stretching and deep breaths.” 9am
  • Fifth & Thomas: Bluegrass Brunch w/ Old Soul Revival. 10am-2pm
  • Dave's Pizza Garage: 4 Year Anniversary Party. “ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA! $2 DRAFTS and $3 bottles. FREE Root Beer on tap for the kids (and kids at heart). Bring cash to make it quick and easy. Pizza comes out at the top and bottom of every hour from 11am until 3pm.” 11am-3pm/ $10 Adults / $5 Kids / $30 Family
  • Lichgate: Journey of the Sun: Sound Healing & Movement Festival. “Journey of the Sun is about ushering in the summer season, and re-igniting the fire within ourselves as we prepare for the flourishing season full of possibilities, growth, and improvement both figuratively and literally. Journey of the Sun stems from celebrating the traditional Gaelic May Day Festival also known as ‘Beltane’. It is one of the four seasonal festivals traditionally celebrated in Ireland in honor of welcoming the summer season. This is a special time to honor the feminine energy of Mother Earth and give respect and appreciation for the infinite gifts she has to offer to all living beings. We will be blessing the space and the participants through dance, yoga, tai chi, and sound healing.” 1pm/$50
  • The Wilbury: Marine Snow with Phlox (solo) and Bornhardt. 2pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Tallahassee Uke Jammers. “Open to ukulele players of all skill levels and interests.” 3pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Sunday Afternoon Bingo. “This isn't your grandma's bingo! We have a blast with some very cool folks. Cash prizes.” 5pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Affiance last tour w/ Sirens & Sailors, Dear Desolate. 6pm/$17
  • Waterworks: FSU Early Music. “FSU Early Music ensembles return to Waterworks on April 30 for the fourth annual end-of-the-semester concert! Come see the crumhorns and recorders perform some twentieth-century music for period instruments as well as good old Renaissance classics like "Il bianco e dolce cigno," "El grillo," "Fair Phyllis," and the Kyrie from Palestrina's Missae Papae Marcelli.” 7pm/free/21+
  • The Warrior: The Forum, Sgt. Bear, Cutting Teeth, and Invented Truths. 9pm/$7
  • Growler USA (U Square): Kill the KEG at Growler USA! “It is the start of the week and we need to open up a tap for new beer! $20 all you can drink until the keg is empty, from 8-10pm! Winner(s) will receive a free Growler T Shirt and a 64 oz Growler from select taps! Bring out your team and whichever team goes through the most pitchers wins!” 8pm/21+
  • Under Wraps on the Parkway: Bar Trivia With Hank, This Week Featuring Musicals, both Stage and Screen. “50 questions of friendly trivia. Plus great Mediterranean food, delicious wraps, and beer by the bottle or bucket that won’t kick you in the wallet. $20 tab for 1st place. Near all the state offices – start your week off right.” 7pm/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays with Belmont & Jones. 8pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:35pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. He’s got all the songs. All the songs you want to sing. 9pm
  • The Warrior: Hip-Hop Open Mic Monday. “Cash Prizes, Trophies , Drink Specials and more!” 10:30pm
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies now on Tuesdays! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. The market opens at 3pm and we're here unitl 7pm, so come after you pick the kids up from school or on your way home from work. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 3pm-7pm.
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Trivia Night. 6pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. This is a great geeky date night option. If you’ve got teens or kids that want to go to trivia (hey, nerds come in all sizes), this is a PG/PG-13 night. 7:30pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Trivia and Deliciousness! 8pm
  • Fire Bettys: Now That's What I Call Tuesday! Dance Party. 8pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • The Warrior: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. “Full bands welcome. Free Pitcher for a 15 minute or more ORIGINAL Set.” 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Michael Strive. 6pm-8pm/free
  • The Warrior: FLAW w/ Righteous Vendetta, Brace for Impact, Despite the Irony, and Stacy Brown! 7pm/$15
  • Blue Tavern: Roda Vibe - Brazilian Choro Music. 8pm
  • Madison Social: The Booze-ness Lunch: Free Drink During Lunch “If Don Draper did it, why not you. We are introducing the weekly Booze-ness lunch, because one cocktail in the afternoon just makes you more creative and productive (its science). Come have lunch with us, Centrale or Township and enjoy a delicious adult beverage on the house with food purchase.” 11:30am-3pm
  • Bird's Oyster Shack: Lab Sessions with Jim Crozier, featuring Jesse Corry. 6pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Daniel Tenbusch. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Bike Night, Bingo, and Karaoke. 7pm
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. A food truck is always out front for this, too, or you can order and pick up something great at the Crum Box Gastgarden (the caboose in RR Sq). Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams. 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic feat. Mike the Prophet. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • El Patron: Karaoke With Big Bob. 8:30pm-11:30pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Corner Pocket: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Roy & Anthony. 6pm-8pm
  • Centre of Tallahassee: Blink-182. No, I’m not kidding. 6:30pm
  • Waterworks: Tallahassee Taloofa Trivia! “A great way to kick off all things Taloofa, join us for Taloofa Trivia! Three rounds of trivia dealing with Tallahassee or Tallahassee related subjects. If you lived here three weeks or thirty years, there's a chance you will do well and possibly win our top three prizes! Each member of the first place team (limit 4 people per team) will receive a Taloofa Tee shirt and a free drink. Each member of the second place team will receive a free drink. Third place team winners will receive their choice of a piece of treasure from the "Waterworks treasure box"” 8:30pm/21+
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday. 6pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Wing Eating Contest. “Like wings as much as you think you do? Think that you are a Pro or at least Semi Pro at it? Show off your skills at Growler USA from 6PM-11PM every Thursday. Rules: $20 entry fee per person for all you can eat wings, winner will be anounced on our Facebook page the following day. In addition to gettting to show off and eating a mountain of wings, the winner will receive $25 Gift card and a Free Growler USA T shirt!” 6pm
  • Beef O’Brady’s: AJ Johnson Trivia. 6:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Open Mic Night. “Bring your instruments and play an open slot or just come and be entertained in Tallahassee's best sounding room!” 7pm/free
  • Skybox: $10 Cornhole Tourney. 7:30pm
  • Warhorse: Bar Trivia With Hank: AV Night. “3 rounds of music, 2 rounds of pictures! Happens on the first Thursday of every month. Full bar, fantastic pizza, and fun facts.” 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Unique Wonders: Live Comedy with Big Hou! 8:30pm/$5
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Brass Tap Midtown: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-Midnight
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke with Nathan. All the songs. $1 Pabst drafts. 10pm
  • Blue Tavern: Happy Hour with Rachel Hillman. 6pm-8pm
  • Mission San Luis: The 14th Colony: The American Revolution’s Best Kept Secret. “Join us at Mission San Luis when Dr. Roger Smith discusses the role played by East Florida in the American Revolution.“ 6pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Grace Pettis w/ Grant Peeples & Devil's Kin. 7pm/$12
  • Cap City Video Lounge: May the Shwartz Be With You! Spaceballs & Turkish Star Wars. “Hey Gang! The Primal Root here inviting you out to celebrate the legacy of George Lucas's long standing, insanely popular, highly merchandised and unavoidable pop culture sci-fi fantasy blockbuster epic franchise, STAR WARS! This May the 4th, for those of you who are sick to death of watching Star Wars movies every year on this day, we at Cap City Video Lounge are presenting to you the alternative night of Star Wars inspired cinema that pokes a little fun at Star Wars and its legacy.” 7:30pm/$5
  • 7th Hill Tap Room: Old Soul Revival. 8pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Backstage Garden Happy Hour with David Lareau. 5pm-8pm
  • Growler USA (University Square): Live Music. 6pm
  • Hobbit South: Karaoke. 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Skyzone: GLOW- Featuring DJ LooseKid. “Grab all of your friends and get your jump on with live music featuring Dj Loosekid, glow lights & laser beams! Check in early to take advantage of the full 2 hours of jumping! Each jumper must wear a reflective shirt, or purchase a shirt in the park. Due to the popularity of this event and early sell outs- we highly suggest you reserve your tickets online beforehand. We cannot guarantee tickets for GLOW will be available in the park at the time of the event.” 9pm-11pm/$25/no one under 5yo
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get your pre-game on at Happy Hour with Tom from 4-9 and the dance party getting rolling at 10 pm with our favorite house DJs slinging sound all night long. At midnight, join our talented Queens for an amazing show!” 9pm/$5, $7 under 21/18+
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Devin Cywinski. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Proof: Cinco de Mayo featuring Maharajah Flamenco Trio and Ecology. 5:30pm
  • Blue Tavern: Vgo: Prewar Blues & More. “VGO, (Phillip Terry) is a multi-instrumentalist with deep roots in traditional acoustic music. His interest in the historical aspects of music and led him down the path of learning the classic blues and era music of the Civil War.” 8pm/$5
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: First Friday featuring LeTour!. 8pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Two Foot Level. 9pm/free/21+
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 10am – 2pm.
  • Growler USA (University Square): DJ Night. 6pm-9pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary: Tallahassee’s Longest Running Goth Night. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Sketching from Life. 1pm
  • Midtown: Taloofa Fest 2017. “Come on out and have some fun at the third annual Taloofa Fest in Midtown Tallahassee! Taloofa Fest is part block party, part local history fair and part music festival. After the Taloofa Adventure Challenge, the fun continues in the streets of Midtown! The Festival will be centralized on Thomasville Road between 5th and 6th Avenues(1100block), with live music, vendors, exhibits, kids' activities, food, and beverages (adult beverages as well!). The Florida Wildlife Commission and the Gulf Marine Specimen Lab will have critters on hand along with historical reenactors from Mission San Luis, representatives from the Museum of Fl. History, the Fl. Archives, and the Historic Capitol Building and the Knott House will have tables set up, as well.” 3pm-8pm/all ages
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Night Prowl Tour. “Enjoy a guided tour at the Tallahassee Museum and learn about the nightlife along the Florida Wildlife Trail. Your guide will provide an enjoyable experience as you spot the many nocturnal animals which call the Museum home. You will also have an opportunity to get close to one special night creature.” 9pm
  • Proof: DJ Austen van der Bleek. 8pm-11pm
  • Blue Tavern: Fellow Pynins. 8pm/$10
  • The Warrior: Community Center with Bad Year, Sgt. Bear, and Manuel Antonio Carvajal. 9pm/$7
  • Fifth & Thomas: Morning Fatty. 9pm/free
  • Bird’s: Slugs (1988): A Trash Cinema Night Event! “Join us, won’t you? For an exceedingly nasty bit of nature revenge splatter horror that's load of brutal, blood, freakish fun! Come enjoy SLUGS with us as you sink your teeth in the BEST damn burger in town, slurp on some salty love on the half shell all while quenching that deep down body thirst with an ice cold adult beverage. This is one not be missed!” 9pm/free/18+
  • Gaines Street/Railroad Ave: The Souk – “Come grab brunch from Tallahassee's finest, enjoy local musicians and check out local vendors. BRUNCH! Gaines Street hosts 12+ locally owned dining establishments in a 2 block area - we've got something for everyone! VENDORS! We've got vendors all up & down the block! Have some stuff to sell? Bring it down!. And tons of live MUSIC!” Noon-5pm
  • GrassLands Brewery: Queer Trivia: Let's Get Beers Together. “GrassLands invites the Tally LGBT community and friends to come down and enjoy local craft beer and queer-themed trivia every Sunday. LGBT-themed trivia provided by Trivia With Hank. $30 bar tab for 1st place. Stick around afterward for queers and beers.” 5pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Sunday Afternoon Bingo. “This isn't your grandma's bingo! We have a blast with some very cool folks. Cash prizes.” 5pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Funky Brunch. “Enjoy a Funky Get Down Brunch with Kalen Mercer Project! We will have our usual scrumptious brunch menu with $15 bottomless mimosas and kids 10 and under eat free (with the purchase of an adult entree). “ 10am-2pm
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Tallahassee Songwriters Festival. “Share and experience the faces, voices and stories behind the songs being performed by esteemed artists Daphne Willis, Sarah Mac and Mimi Hearn on the Tallahassee Museum’s beautiful outdoor stage. Admission to Festival is FREE for members and included in general ticket purchases on the day of the event (range from $8.50 to $11.50). The Museum’s Trail Break Café will be serving tasty treats and frosty beverages as always!” 2pm-4pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: A Brilliant Monster: Crowdfunding, Movie Night, Meet and Greet! “Local filmmaker, Fred Rabbath, has some truly remarkable projects under his belt and is now looking to fund his latest, most intriguing and challenging project to date, A Brilliant Monster. Tonight, Fred will be showcasing his short film, 'Dead Meat', and his feature length film entitled 'Superhero Man'. Fred will also be present with his production team to discuss his upcoming project with you.” 8pm
  • Growler USA (U Square): Kill the KEG at Growler USA! “It is the start of the week and we need to open up a tap for new beer! $20 all you can drink until the keg is empty, from 8-10pm! Winner(s) will receive a free Growler T Shirt and a 64 oz Growler from select taps! Bring out your team and whichever team goes through the most pitchers wins!” 8pm/21+
  • Under Wraps on the Parkway: Bar Trivia With Hank featuring DC & Marvel. “50 questions of friendly trivia. Plus great Mediterranean food, delicious wraps, and beer by the bottle or bucket that won’t kick you in the wallet. $20 tab for 1st place. Near all the state offices – start your week off right.” 7pm/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays with Belmont & Jones. 8pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:35pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. He’s got all the songs. All the songs you want to sing. 9pm
  • Side Bar Theater: Open Mic Mondays with Karaoke and Games. “ Open Mic: Drums, Guitar Amp, and Bass Amp will be provided. (Bring your own guitars and various instruments!) Karaoke, Nintendo 64 ( Mario Kart, Starfox, and more!), Foosball, Cornhole.” 9pm/free/18+
  • The Warrior: Hip-Hop Open Mic Monday's // Dj T Wixx on site // Bring your Tracks. 10pm
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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For full details of the Crown Melbourne COVIDSafe Plan, please click here. Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Spa are now open. For further information on venue re-openings click here. Our casino has received approval to extend operations from 9 December 2020 with a range of restrictions. For further information please click here. Discover Perth’s best restaurants during your stay at Crown Metropol Perth. With a long list of choices that encompass everything from world-class fine dining through to casual restaurants, there’s something for every occasion. From an intimate rendezvous, to vibrant twenty-four hour nightlife, you’ll find it all amongst the array of bars and nightclubs onsite at Crown Metropol Perth ... Crown Perth Special Offers. View our current special offers and discounts at some of Crown Perth's best restaurants, hotels, spas, bars and entertainment venues. There's something for everyone at Crown Perth. “lunch specials” Review of Nobu Melbourne Crown Casino. 619 photos. Nobu Melbourne Crown Casino . Crown Entertainment Complex 8 Whiteman St, Melbourne, Victoria 3006, Australia (Southbank) +61 3 9292 5777. Website. Improve this listing. Reserve a Table. 2. Sat., 18/7. 20:00. Find a table. Ranked #229 of 4,978 Restaurants in Melbourne. 1,411 Reviews. Certificate of Excellence. Price range ... Find out more casual dining options at Crown Melbourne, including different venues, various dishes and links to more info. Crown Perth has many casual dining options catering for light meals, burgers, steak and much more. The Western Australian Government requires Crown Perth to maintain a mandatory contact register of all guests and employees as an additional protection measure to control the spread of COVID-19. Explore More. Functions. Take your guests on the ultimate journey at one of our acclaimed restaurants ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Crown Casino exposed. Sex trafficking, drugs ...

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